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World Beard and Moustache Championships

beard illustration

The 2009 World Beard and Moustache Championships is scheduled for this Saturday in Anchorage, Alaska.  You still have time to book your flights.

Frequent Ambi contributor Hugh Musick talked to Phil Olsen, the self-appointed captain of Beard Team USA in the Ambidextrous Spring 2008 Developing Issue in an Thinking article entitled The Hair of Their Chinny Chin Chins.  Phil talks about his personal approach:

I prefer boldness over extravagance.  My full beard has grown practically untrimmed for years. I mold it into a bold,  solid, symmetrical shape that I think makes a statement. more

Good luck to Phil and Beard Team USA!


Jon Cagan Talking at Liu Lecture


Dr. Jon Cagan of Carnegie Mellon is talking at Stanford as the 2nd speaker in the spring Liu Lecture series this Monday, May 4 in Building 320 (Geology Corner) Room 105 at 8pm.

Dr. Cagan is the director of Carnegie Mellon University’s graduate program in Product Development and a distinguished professor in the department of Mechanical Engineering. Cagan has written two fantastic books on the topic of product development: Creating Breakthrough Products and The Design of Things to Come. Both books skillfully navigate the arc from the fuzzy front end of product development all the way up to program approval. The texts also bridge the chasm between qualitative and quantitative values in a way that is actually understandable. His Liu Lecture will be about the emerging research in the creative Design process and the role of emotion in product usage.

More information about the Liu Lecture series is at  The next speaker is Alex Wipperfürth of Dial House on Thursday, May 21st.


Dazzlin’ Camouflage on Parade


The Ambidextrous Winter 2008 “Secrets” issue featured a High Concept piece Dazzlin’ Camouflage by Illinois Institute of Technology Institute of Design’s Hugh Musick on Dazzle, a technique painting warships in dizzying patterns to ward off enemy gunships most recently made popular by the British and American navies in WWI.

RISD now has an upcoming exhibit and symposium on the subject. The “Bedazzled” Exhibit and the “Artists at War: Exploring the Connections Between Art and Camouflage” Symposium will examine the questions surrounding the relationship of art and camouflage. The exhibit is in the Fleet Library at RISD and the symposium will be on February 14, 2009 from 2-4 pm nearby on their campus.


40th Anniversary of the “Mother of all Demos”


An important date is coming up for one of our favorite visionaries, Douglas Engelbart. SRI International is holding an anniversary event on December 9 for Engelbart’s 1968 demo, the debut of personal computing, from the computer mouse to to shared-screen teleconferencing. Original participants will tell stories of what led up to the demo, the event itself, and its impact on technology today.

To find out what makes Engelbart one of our favorite visionaries, see Issue 6: the Future, when Bjoern Hartmann sat down and chatted with Engelbart about Interstate 101 and being very stubborn (“What Would Douglas Engelbart Do?”) From the article:

“Wherever he looked, problems turned out to be more complex than he initially thought. Then the vision hit—people needed support in grappling with big issues, and computers would offer a way. Engelbart envisioned personal, interactive computing—you, sitting in front of your own screen, engaged in a real-time dialog with other knowledge workers around the world—solving problems together. At the time, no one had seen a computer run for longer than five minutes.”

For details and tickets about the SRI anniversary event, go to the Stanford Ticket Office.


Ambidextrous’ Issue 10 “Getting it On” Launch Party Photos

This past Thursday we celebrated the launch of Issue 10 at Adaptive Path.


Check out pictures from the party on Flickr!


Ambidextrous at the Maker Faire

Sorry it’s been quite on the Ambi blog front lately. Between getting issue 9 to the printers and getting issue 10 rolling, it’s been busy at the Ambi-plex.

But we’ll be at Maker Faire in the bay area Saturday and Sunday! Come to the Ambidextrous table for discounted magazines, mechanical frog dissection, and mini-magazine making.

The Maker Faire is located in San Mateo. For more information and tickets, go

Maker Faire is a two-day, family-friendly event that celebrates the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset. It’s for creative, resourceful people of all ages and backgrounds who like to tinker and love to make things. It’s put on by the publishers of Make and Craft magazines and attracts 45,000+ people over the course of the weekend.

When? Saturday, May 3, 2008 (10am – 10pm) ; Sunday, May 4, 2008 (11am – 6pm)
Admission? Adults: $25; Students (13-21): $15; Youth (4-12): $10; and children under 4 are free

Come get your Ambi sticker and balloon!


Public Forum by the Digital Youth Project

On April 23, the 3-year-long Digital Youth Project will be giving a major public presentation on the outcomes of 22 case studies on youth engagement with new media. Researchers and leaders in the technology and social media field, including Mimo Ito and danah boyd (Ambidextrous Magazine contributors), will be giving comprehensive talks and poster presentations on their findings. You can find stories from studies here. Many of the researchers will also be there, as well as panelists Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media, Deborah Stipek, dean of the Stanford School of Education, Linda Burch of Common Sense Media, and Kenny Miller from MTV Networks.

The event is taking place on Stanford on April 23 at 5:30pm. Be sure to register beforehand.


Design Green Now tour coming near you?

Ecosystems, maker of modern, sustainable furniture, is putting on Design Green Now. Design Green Now features a program of expert sustainable designers and manufacturers talking about successes and challenges in sustainable design. Registration is free and open to the public.

Panelists (different in each city) include the likes of Yves Behar, designers from sportswear manufacturer Nau, and folks from SmartDesign, frog, and IDEO.

The tour will be hitting the following cities:
Apr 1 – Bellingham, WA
Apr 4 – Portland, OR
Apr 9 – San Francisco, CA
Apr 12 – Long Beach, CA

See full information, including panelists and registration information


Design and the elastic mind – Get your MoMA online

Not in New York and can’t afford to jet out there for the MoMa exhibit “Design and the Elastic Mind?” Well, the exhibit is getting plenty of coverage online. The New York Times writes about the exhibit’s treatment of the relationship between art and science. Business Week tells of Nokia’s stretchable, formable phones (but no pictures, sadly).

One of the pieces that caught my eye was the bee vase to your left, by Tomas Gabzdil Libertiny. He studied bees and developed a way of building shaped scaffolding so bees would help him manufacture objects.

We interviewed Paola Antonelli, the curator of MoMA’s design department, for this issue and she explained the exhibit theme:

The show is called “Design and the Elastic Mind.” It’s about the changes in scale, in rhythm, in pace, in resolution that we go through every single day, and the objects of design that help us cope with them. It’s basically they help us cope and move from adaptability, which is one of the characteristics of human intelligence, to elasticity, which is, in my opinion, adaptability plus acceleration. So it’s the Do-i-i-n-i-n-g! about being able to bounce back very fast and not get stressed out, not get stretch marks.

Read the Paola’s full interview, where she tells us one of her secrets, in Ambi issue 8

And you can get the interview, with the photo of Paola, and the rest of the issue by subscribing! Ambi is non-profit and produced by volunteers like you.


Seamless Computational Couture – Photos sneak peek

As of Feb 8, we’re eagerly awaiting Seamless’ organizers to put up public photos and streaming video of their show on their gallery page (currently only has 2006 show).

In the meantime, we’ll direct you to gogogoligorsky’s flickr photoset of the show.

Also, as a teaser, look forward to more about Seamless in an upcoming issue of Ambidextrous we’re cooking up.


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