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Medical products getting makeovers

Via Yanko Design, Johnson & Johnson and Harry Allen Design have redesigned the J&J first-aid kit to be both more grabbable and more attention-grabbing for those who frantically in search of remedies to the 4th-of-July accident or what-have-you.

Too bad Johnson & Johnson had to sue the Red Cross over that logo.

First aid kit - before
First aid kit - New design

Target Rx Pill Bottle

The kits also reminds us of 2005′s redesigned Target Pill bottle. Adaptive Path’s Brandon Schauer explains that bottle as the tip of a system design iceberg. The bottle isn’t just just as graphic and industrial design, but a whole system design that requires redesigning work patterns and IT along with more traditional crafts.

Though the First Aid Kit is iconic, eye-catching, and refreshingly minimal, getting the right pills into the right bodies is a dangerous, sensitive, and everyday endeavor.


When fear and conflict-aversion collide

You’re in Japan, walking home from a bar in Roppongi at 2 am. You suspect someone is following you home. Never mind that crime rates in Japan are actually quite low. After a few minutes of feeling trailed, the person you suspect is trailing you picks up the pace. You break into a run and dart into a dark alley. You lift your skirt and pull a 6 foot tall apron printed with a photograph of a soda machine around your body. You look something like the vending machine in the foreground of the photo below:

Your would-be mugger runs right past you and catches the bus. It turns out that rather than running to mug you, he was just late. Nonetheless, with your portable vending machine disguise, you feel safer as an urban ninja.

The New York Times writes about the portable hiding places of Japanese designer Aya Tsukioka. Her solutions are designed for urban environments in a culture often described as conflict-averse. These tools for staying out of trouble stand in stark contrast with American designs such as RedStart Design’s Subtle Safety Ring, which adorns its wearer with a beautiful, minimal brass knuckle.

As the Ambidextrous staff works on the upcoming issue themed “Secret,” it’s interesting to consider how secrets, safety, and fear look drastically different across different cultural contexts.


Children’s Toys … of DOOM!

It’s the holidays again, and one might think back to childhood when one played with toys… dangerous, dangerous toys.  Toys that impale, bruise, choke, or cause other harm.  To boost reminiscence, check out Radar’s “Pray for Coal” 10 most dangerous toys of all time.  And perhaps be glad for increased safety regulations…


Orange Ball Surprise

It’late on a dark night at a convenience store in Japan.  A shady character walks in, grabs for the gun in his pocket, ready to rob the store.  Fortunately, a convenience store clerk notices and reaches for… the orange ball?

Japanese Orange Ball


Teaching Design the RIGHT Way…

Core77 recently had a great post on tips for design educators.

Among it is a slight touch of diabolical-instruction that is borderline danger…

Place insane demands. Then double them.
If you ask students for 2 models, they’ll bring in 2 models. If you ask for 6 models, you’ll get 6 models. The more work that comes in, the higher the chances that some it will be good, and that a tiny bit of it will be great. So ask for 12 models.


Achtung! Ecke! (von atelier v.)

Here’s a quick-and-easy “warning: low ceiling” sign… a playing card.  You can check out other everyday items for innovative solutions at atelier v. (in German, but you can click through the numbers to browse different ideas).


Caution: Exploding Paint

For a bit of an amusing commercial, check out this one for Sony’s Bravia (a color LCD TV).  It’s hard to tell what the advertisement is for, but more importantly, it’s a pretty awesome display of color.  Exploding color.  Exploding paint.  All over buildings.


(Exploded) Python vs. (Partially Digested) Alligator

Not quite Freddy vs Jason, but in the Everglades there’s a new battle for the position of “Top-of-the-Food-Chain”: Python vs. Alligator. In the latest round, a Python “won” against the alligator… although it ended up exploding while attempting to consume its victim. If the python survives next round, we may be doomed…


Building a smarter foot…

Did your foot get bitten off by an alligator?  No? Looking a better prosthetic foot anyways? Check out this New York Times Interactive Feature that steps through how a $12,000 “intelligent” prosthetic foot works…


Remember, Kids…

Only YOU can prevent Forest Fires!

Smokey Bear Website: the main site, educating kids about the dangers of campfires

The Smokey Bear Valut: looking at the history of Smokey the Bear as the spokesman for campfire safety.


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