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Issue 6 Launch party revisited

Exploratorium exhibits are awesome

Last night Ambidextrous hosted the launch party for the hot off the press Issue 6. It was in the the perfect setting of the Exploratorium. The only downside was that it was hard to squeeze in talking to all the cool people and playing with the amazing exhibits. Occasionally, we hit that golden proportion of talking to the cool people while playing with the cool exhibits. It was an amazing feeling to get the entire Exploratorium just to share with your friends.

Check out some photos of the Issue 6 launch party.

Did you take photos we can share? Let us know.


The Future: BT Technology Timeline

A lesser known job of a team of folks at British Telecom spends its time figuring out what the future will be. They belong to BT’s futurology department. At BT Reveals Insight into the Future:

BT researcher and editor of the timeline Ian Neild said: “The timeline enables organisations to design technology and products with future customers in mind, with a vision of the kind of environment they will be living in.

But what’s really fun to browse through is the BT technology timeline. While some of the predictions seem somewhat out there (Virus wipes out electronic pets in 2024), some of them are more genuine cause for thought (3D home printers by 2023).

The full predictions are also in a their technology timeline report (pdf)

Did they get things right? Horribly wrong? Thoughts?

BT Technology Timeline

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Upcoming event: 23 April, @ Issue’s 2nd Business and Design Conference

@ Issue Business and Design ConferenceSan Francisco is fortunate enough to be hosting @ Issue magazine’s 2nd Business and Design Conference in just over a month. @ Issue is a journal by the Corporate Design Foundation looking at the effective use of design in business. In this way it complements Ambidextrous nicely and is bound to organize a stimulating conference. Speakers include Paul Saffo of the Institute for the Future, Sam Lucente of HP and Max Carmona of McDonalds among others.


Cool Spot: Urban Ore

Urban Ore Sign

Urban Ore
900 Murray Street
Berkeley, CA

I recently went to Urban Ore in search of knobs, and discovered a veritable world of knobs… and other random stuff ripe for hacking and prototyping. Urban Ore is best described as a rummage sale crossed with a junkyard crossed with your grandmother’s garage. It’s a huge warehouse full of everything and anything you can imagine someone tossing because it was broken or out-of-date… but would be very useful to someone who happened to need random spare parts, fixer-upper furniture, or replacement hardware for an old house.
[... see extended entry for a pair of photos...]

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Issue 6 Launch Party @ Exploratoreium

We foresee you in the not too distant future…celebrating the latest issue of an awesome magazine!

Issue 6 Party Invitation

Issue 6: The Future
Launch Party

Thursday, March 22, from 6:00 – 9:00 pm

Hosted by the Exploratorium!
Palace of Fine Arts
3601 Lyon Street
San Francisco, CA 94123

** RSVP IS REQUIRED: fill out the RSVP form!

Come talk about: Douglas Engelbart * Vacuum Robots * Horoscopes * Time and the Brain * Where Design is Heading

Hope the vision comes true and we see you there!

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