Medical products getting makeovers

Via Yanko Design, Johnson & Johnson and Harry Allen Design have redesigned the J&J first-aid kit to be both more grabbable and more attention-grabbing for those who frantically in search of remedies to the 4th-of-July accident or what-have-you.

Too bad Johnson & Johnson had to sue the Red Cross over that logo.

First aid kit - before
First aid kit - New design

Target Rx Pill Bottle

The kits also reminds us of 2005′s redesigned Target Pill bottle. Adaptive Path’s Brandon Schauer explains that bottle as the tip of a system design iceberg. The bottle isn’t just just as graphic and industrial design, but a whole system design that requires redesigning work patterns and IT along with more traditional crafts.

Though the First Aid Kit is iconic, eye-catching, and refreshingly minimal, getting the right pills into the right bodies is a dangerous, sensitive, and everyday endeavor.

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