Ambidextrous’ Design Evangelism class hosted at the

julia teaching design evangelism

This Fall quarter, Ambidextrous has put together a course hosted at the called “Design Evangelism,” a 1-2 unit course where students work with editorial staff and magazine professionals to edit and produce Ambidextrous, Stanford University’s Journal of Design.  Topics include design processes and innovation, storytelling, writing and editing for an audience, magazine production and project leadership.  Class is held every Monday, 6-8pm. The class is being led by Julia Cosgrove (editor of AFAR Magazine & former editor of ReadyMade) and Micah Lande (PhD Candiate, Mechanical Engineering Design & Ambidextrous Co-Editor-in-Chief). The Ambidextrous editorial team is working closely with the students in the class to produce Issue 13, “Wonder.”

Stay tuned for updates from our students over the next few months, as we develop “Wonder”!

And of course, if you have any articles for “Wonder,” contact the editoral team at: editors at ambidextrousmag dot org.

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