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wendy ju

Wendy Ju
has a lifelong passion for design in all its many forms. She teaches design courses at Stanford and the CCA, and has a PhD from the Center of Design Research at Stanford. 

Charlotte Burgess-Auburn
pulls together careers in theatrical and editorial production, fine art, educational administration, and retail into the subtle and powerful discipline-spanning skills best described as "cat-herding." She applies these talents as Director of Community at the Stanford

Micah Lande
(one name -- MICAH!) likes watching television, playing golf, and playing designer for the stories told through these activities. By day he's an Assistant Professor at Arizona State University in the College of Technology and Innovation. He was formerly a PhD student at the Center for Design Research at Stanford, studying how engineers learn and are taught.

W. Lawrence Neeley
seeks to better understand this thing we call design with the intention of producing both innovative designs and adaptive designers. Currently an Assistant Professor of Design and Entrepreneurship at Olin College, he was formerly a lecturer at MIT and has a PhD from the Center for Design Research at Stanford.

Amal Dar Aziz
likes to think of herself as an atypical computer scientist, with a passion for technology, design, art, poetry, creative cooking, and travel adventures. She's also a Senior Front-end developer at Identified, based in San Francisco, and did her Masters and Bachelors in Computer Science, specializing in HCI, at Stanford.

Corina Yen
enjoys questioning things, drinking lattes, and wandering around cities. A writer and designer at Luidia and former Masters student in Mechanical Engineering at Stanford, her academic interests revolve around design documentation: its role in design process and tools and methods of facilitating it.

Lora Oehlberg
is a Mechanical Engineering Ph.D. student at UC Berkeley and works with the Berkeley Expert System Technology Lab and the Berkeley Institute of Design. Her research investigates design notebooks and how people use informal design information to support both collaboration and individual cognition. She likes making small robots, crocheted tea-cozies, and homemade ice cream.

Björn Hartmann
is a designer, academic, tinkerer, recovering musician, scatterbrain. He is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at UC Berkeley in the EECS department. He was formerly a PhD candidate in Computer Science at Stanford, working in the Human-Computer Interaction group. His research focuses on physical computing and user interface software tools.


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